Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Crayola Crayon Pallet Free PDF Book

Crayola Crayon Box Contents

I became so tired of trying to figure out which box of crayons to buy in order to get the one or two crayon colors I used up. Yah, I could buy the 120, but some colors I have tons of duplicates and would prefer to avoid more. So, I went out and bought every box under the moon and recorded its’ contents. The boxes start with the basic 8 and add another 8 to make the 16 pack. For the 24 pack, they added 8 more colors to the 16 pack. Each box just adds to the previous box set. The 96 count box and the 150 count tower are the only two exceptions. The 96 count box contains 8 ‘specialty’ crayons and the 150 count tower contains the 16 Metallic FX and 16 Glitter crayons with the 120 count contents. There is one other exception to the rule, the 32 count coloring book crayons. This
contains crayons picked out for how well they work in coloring books. I didn’t include the specialty crayons in this book because they seem to come and go. I only address the staple colors for the purposes of a consistent artist pallet.

The pdf is a rather large file and it may take a while to download depending on your connection speed.  Here is a link to download it:

Happy Doodles!

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