About Jen Tennille

I love to doodle!

Crayola Marker on Bright White Copy Illustration Art
Self Portrait, Crayola Marker on Bright White Copy

Ever since I can remember, I have drawn.  Since the first time I picked up that super fat crayon for tiny hands, I have not stopped.  I remember my grandmother filled the back hallway of our home with all of her favorite drawings even after I grew up and moved out.  Every time we had someone over, she had to show the newest addition to her personal gallery!  While my drawings have evolved and improved over the years, one thing remains the same--my love for drawing.

Doodling and drawing are not just hobbies, but a passion.  I draw in the car (not while driving, though).  I draw while watching television (documentaries rock!).  I draw late at night to put myself to sleep.  I draw in the mornings with my first cup of coffee to wake myself up.  I draw while I listen to audio books or a brilliant classical music piece.  Drawing is my meditation, my passion, my life.  I have scribbled on napkins, doodled in the margins of notebooks, created hundreds of complete works, studied, read, studied, and above all, never stopped drawing.

PrismaColor Colored Pencil and Ink Illustration Art
Colored Pencil and Ink

Most of my inspiration comes from nature.  I am a big fan of flowers, butterflies, and birds.  Sometimes, I will browse through my (massive) collection of vintage images or read books and blogs about other artists and their experiences.  I have yet to have a day that I get artist's block.  There is so much in the world to draw that I haven't even broken one tenth of it yet.  I have a very head-in-the-clouds outlook and an unstoppable imagination that really fuels my ideas.

Graphic Design and Art

My Studio

PrismaColor Colored Pencil on Vellum Bristol Illustration Art Design
PrismaColor colored pencil on vellum bristol paper.

My art studio is located in my Battle Ground, Washington home.  I run the full gammet from artist, customer service rep., to office manager.  Everything is handled by me and only me to ensure quality and perfection.  Visitors are welcome by appointment.

Happy Doodles!

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